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E. Normand Enterprises Inc.

We are a family business with a committed team who have experience and who are ready to meet your needs.

About us


E. Normand Enterprises Inc.

The company started its activities by the personal name of Ernest Normand by uniting in just wedding Rita Ross in 1964.

It began operations with a single log-wheel truck to transport logs out of the region. Later, he bought a backhoe excavator, a small bull on caterpillar and grows year after year adding snow removal.

Seeing the involvement of their 4 children at different levels of the company, it will premiere company E. Normand Enterprises Inc. At the same time, he founded St. Angele Transport Inc. in 1980.

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In December 2007, Claudette and Michel, have taken over from the company officially becoming shareholders of the company in which he works full time since 1987.

Today, rental of excavators on wind projects became the major activity, the work of forest roads, excavation of foundation, transporting bulk material, transportation of logs, snow removal, septic system are also part of business operations.


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Mechanical workshop

Mechanical workshop

Enterprises Inc. Normand E. proud partner of Mekpro

Take the road with fast Mekpro!
The network of service centers and repair for trucks and trailers

Simple maintenance or major mechanical problem, find the expertise, parts and service sought in each Mekpro center, wherever you are in the provinces. to maintain and repair service.

We are agent for our mechanical inspection in connection with the SAAQ for PEP

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Our team

Claudette Normand

Her role is to see to the overall management of E. Normand Transport Companies and Ste- Angèle Inc. Hiring, health and safety, prevention and all standards required in our businesses.

Michel Normand

His role is to see to the overall functioning of the fleet of trucks and trailers, with the pride of a rosy and safe fleet. Moreover, it deals with heavy equipment in the excavation department of E. Normand Inc Companies.

Maxime Anctil

His role is to collect the breakage of trucks, trailers, and all vehicles in the fleet to have them repaired by our mechanical team in our own garage. He sees to the proper functioning of the garage in addition to parts purchases.

Dave Lévesque

His role is to meet the needs of general public customers. It ASSIGNED to a trucker thereafter, depending on the type of equipment, the customer needs, place of gathering and a safe delivery at a fair price.

Natalie Paradis

Her role is to see generally the cash of the company, accounts receivable, payable, payroll, month closure, computer and many other tasks. Natalie is a person who performs his work with rigor and thoroughness and provides support to its colleagues and is very brave and funny!

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